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Hi and welcome everybody, Michaela Lindinger here, I am really excited to have you here today because we are going to have some fun in the upcoming days! 
The Be.Me. Challenge is designed to help high power professional and executive women, who carry the world on their shoulders, achieve an amazing 7-figure lifestyle by following the Be.Me. Core 4Body, Emotions, Mind and Executive career - without giving up passion, productivity and drive but enjoying balance and ease. 
Today is Day 1 of laying the foundation for your very own Be.Me. challenge and I can’t wait to see how your life will transform simply over the next 7 days – trust me: if you stick to the brief but powerful secrets I am about to share with you here, there is no way you can miss seeing your life transform in the right direction, in the direction you want it to be!

💄It's like good makeup...
These first 7 days are really the foundation work that needs to be done – like with good makeup: you screw on the foundation and you know your look is ruined just after a few hours. So, let’s get that foundation right together and you are ready to shine and rise with balance and ease! Sounds great- let’s get started: 
  • Declutter your mental mess: like when your desk is overloaded with files and folders, you can't find anything - same is true for your brain so we identify the fastest, most efficient way to cut through right here, right now. 
  • Fix the missing pieces: how can you actually identify the non-complete in your personal and private life and – even better: how can you close these missing pieces fast and with that terrific feeling of YEAH, IT’s DONE!
  • Re-sharpen your focus-laser: if you bundle light and create a laser beam, it can cut through the super strong material like metal - same is true for you focusing on the important things - let's get your focus right and it will make you cut through the toughest challenges within an instant
  • Escape the grey zone: find out how it possible to quit the "masters of multitasking championship" you are in, but focus instead on one thing at a time, becoming truly productive, focused and on top super happy!
  • Attacking your energy vampires: many of those energy-vampires we can’t identify but we just feel the effect once they hit us: being exhausted and done! Once you understand implementing just 1 simple habit to destroy one energy vampire at a time, you'll fee more vibrant and alive
  • Building a success ritual: what if your daily success fits on a simple, single page and you didn't know how this page looks like? Find out and start from now on every day based on your success ritual!
  • The Be.Me. secret to levelling up: to understand what will get you to your next level, you need to understand the 7 core principles every high performing executive and professional woman needs to be aware of - powerful stuff that is a must-have for your 7-figure lifestyle!
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May 20th 8pm EST

Interview with Tijana Stasuk - Head of Marketing at Cloudflight. She's crushing it as a young, female executive in an internationally operating software house. I am so impressed by their hierarchy-free organisation culture and their focus on self-development and high level of autonomy in creating their own daily schedule. Listen to her biggest learnings as high power professional woman thriving in a very techy environment!  

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